Sen. Cory Booker plans to take 99 selfies with fellow senators

US Democratic Senator Cory Booker at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, November 7, 2013.
US Democratic Senator Cory Booker at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, November 7, 2013.

Sen. Cory Booker’s got 99 problems: scoring selfies with all of his fellow U.S. senators. 

The New Jersey Democrat is on a mission to take photos with all the other senators, according to the Washington Post, in an attempt to bring his trademark social savvy to a Senate floor that is rife with partisan rancor.

Booker announced the project a month ago, when he photographed himself with Maine’s Sen. Angus King. “A true gentlemen and a valued source of wisdom for me in the Senate,” he wrote under the photo when he posted it on social media.

Since that inaugural picture, Booker’s been on a bipartisan quest to get photos with the other 98 senators. So far, he’s snagged ten selfies.

Next up was Sen. Dean Heller, Booker’s first GOP guest star of the project. "I so appreciate his bipartisan leadership on Unemployment Insurance Extension. He showed that we can reach across the aisle, compromise and get things done in the Senate," Booker wrote of the Nevada Republican.

Booker has made a point of emphasizing the bipartisan nature of his quest. In comments alongside selfies of Republican Senators John Boozman of Arkansas, Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, and Rand Paul of Kentucky, Booker noted the unlikely common ground they share.

“Across party lines Senator Paul and I have found common ground around the urgent need to reform our criminal justice system and address the anguished and expensive reality of mass incarceration of nonviolent offenders in the USA,” he wrote on the Kentucky Republican's photo caption. “We also bonded over our respect for the holiday of Festivus (Senator Paul has a long list of grievances).”

The senator's office did not immediately return a request for comment on his selfie campaign.