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Roberta Jacobson: The Ambassador

Roberta Jacobson discusses her role in the State Department and her time as the United States Ambassador to Mexico.
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Roberta Jacobson was the United States Ambassador to Mexico from 2016 through 2018.   

A graduate of Brown University and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, Roberta became an expert on the Americas and particularly on Mexico during her more than three decades of public service at the State Department. She enjoyed postings in Argentina and Peru, served as the Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, and led the US delegation that reestablished formal diplomatic ties with Cuba, at the behest of President Obama, in 2016.  

But Mexico was her focus. She was deeply respected on both sides of the border for her integrity, intellect, diligence, and brought a passion for Mexico and its history and people to her post.   

In this episode, Roberta talks to Chuck Rosenberg about the role of the State Department in foreign policy and international affairs and the vital work of the men and women dedicated to this crucial mission. She also discusses our relationship with Mexico and the challenges faced by both sides as we move forward.  

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