Rand Paul campaign says it has raised $7 million since launch

Sen. Rand Paul has raised more than $7 million for his presidential campaign since his April 7 announcement, his campaign confirmed to msnbc on Friday. 

It is unclear how much of this total was from his Senate account, where Paul had $2.6 million cash on hand as of the end of April. The campaign said it received contributions from 108,205 donors, with the average donation being $65.

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Paul's fundraising lags behind that of 2016 Republican candidates Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz.

Campaigns are required to report their fundraising hauls with the Federal Election Commission by July 15 and are restricted to $2,700 per person in the primary, and another $2,700 in the general election.

Paul shares the same base of support as his father, three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul, a former congressman from Texas. At this time in the previous presidential campaign, Ron Paul raised more than $4.5 million

The conservative media outlet Breitbart News first reported details of Paul's campaign fundraising.