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Quiz: What is the state of poverty in the US?

What is the status of poverty in the U.S.? Take this quiz to find out.
Geography of Poverty (Photo by Matt Black)
Lost Hills is a town in Kern County, Calif. The population is 2,412 and 33.8% live below the poverty level. 

What is the state of poverty in the U.S.? Take this quiz to find out. 

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There are two different versions of the federal poverty measure: the poverty guidelines and the poverty thresholds. The thresholds are statistical: they make it possible to calculate how many people are in poverty. The guidelines are administrative: they make it possible to determine an individual’s financial eligibility for certain programs and provisions. They both change annually.

Some people suspect that the actual poverty rate is much higher than the official rate.

The number of poor people living in the suburbs grew 53% between 2000 and 2010

More information on these statistics. 

The U.S. economy added 285,000 jobs in May 2015, but unemployment rose.

One in five US children receives food stamps.

These savings statistics tie into the fact that one in four jobs in the U.S. is considered low wage.

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