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Quiz: Heat is on in the Sunshine State

Before you Google #fangate, take a stab at this quick quiz about the heated Florida gubernatorial race.

The Florida gubernatorial race is heating up — and it's not because of the climate in the Sunshine State. The latest polls show Republican Gov. Rick Scott and his Democratic opponent Charlie Crist neck and neck in the race for the governor's seat.

The two faced off in their final and most contentious debate on Tuesday night. Crist, a former Republican governor of Florida who swapped parties, traded sharp character attacks with Scott, a former health care entrepreneur worth a couple hundred million dollars. Crist accused the governor of being out of touch with average Floridians, pointing out that the incumbent candidate lives in an oceanfront mansion and travels in a private jet. Scott's defense? He said his family struggled, whereas Crist grew up in a wealthy, privileged background and never had to worry about money.

While this latest debate certainly turned personal, it arguably didn't cause as many waves as the “fangate” debate. Before you Google that, take a stab at this quick quiz to see how in touch you are with what's happening in the Florida governor's race.

Take a look at Scott’s record on the economy and Crist’s platform on the economy. 

Crist left the Republican party to run as an independent for an open Senate seat in 2010. 

This incident resulted in quick responses from both campaigns, while others took to Twitter with the hashtag #fangate.

Is this an authentic commitment to the environment or a campaign tactic?

Florida voters will have a chance to vote on a medical marijuana amendment on the Nov. 4 ballot.

Political quiz junkie? How much do you know about the close senate race in corn country?