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Poll: Majority says Trump is hurting GOP brand

Half of Americans believe that his rhetoric is "insulting and offensive," a new MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist poll shows.

A majority of Americans — and an even greater majority of Latinos — say that GOP front-runner Donald Trump is hurting the Republican Party's image, and half of Americans believe that his rhetoric is "insulting and offensive," a new MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist poll shows.

According to the poll, 58% of adults say that Trump has marred the GOP's reputation, compared to just 24% who say he is helping its image. Among Hispanics, that margin is 65% compared to just 16% who say he has helped the party. Republicans are divided on the question, with 43% saying Trump is helping the GOP's image and 40% saying that he has hurt it.

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In contrast, 35% of all adults say that Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton is hurting her party's image, while 32% say she is helping it.

Republicans still give Trump relatively high marks for style, with 71% dubbing Trump's rhetoric as "telling it like it is." A quarter of Republicans, on the other hand, say that Trump's words are "insulting and offensive."

But among all Americans, about half — 52% — say his language is offensive, while 43% say he's "telling it like it is."

The split between Republicans and all Americans is also evident in Trump's favorability ratings.

Fifty-seven percent of Republicans view him favorably, compared to just 23% who view him unfavorably. But among all adults, Trump has a 27% positive/ 55% negative rating.

And two-thirds of Latinos — 67% — have a negative view of Trump, with 55% saying their view is very negative. Just 17% of Latinos give him a thumbs up.

Trump fares the worst of any 2016 candidate polled on favorability measures, both with all adults and with Latinos.

Among all adults

  • Carson: +33%/-28% (Net: +5%)
  • Rubio: +26%/-23% (Net: +3%)
  • Clinton: +41%/-44% (Net: -3%)
  • Cruz: +23%/-29% (Net: -6%)
  • Bush: +22%/-40% (Net: -18%)
  • Trump: +27%/-55% (Net: -28%)

Among just Latinos

  • Clinton: +51%/-30% (Net: +21%)
  • Rubio: +27%/-19% (Net: +8%)
  • Carson: +24%/-20% (Net: +4%)
  • Cruz: +21%/-27% (Net: -6%)
  • Bush: +23%/-34% (Net: -11%)
  • Trump: +17%/-67% (Net: -50%)

The MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist poll was conducted Nov. 15-Dec. 2 (after the Paris terrorist attacks), and it interviewed 3,121 adults (MOE: +/- 1.8%), 2,360 registered voters (MOE: +/- 2.0%), and 437 Latinos (+/- 4.7%).

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