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Pointergate: Minneapolis mayor accused of flashing gang sign

Online critics are pointing the finger right back at Minneapolis police officials over a photo firestorm.

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges recently posed for a picture, arm-in-arm with a black constituent, during a get-out-the vote event. The man is reportedly a convicted felon. In the picture, they are smiling and pointing at one another.

According to a local news report, they’re flashing “a known gang sign for a north-side gang.”

John Delmonico, president of the Minneapolis Police Federation, also accused Hodges of “throwing up gang signs.” “She’s been around long enough she knows better,” he said in an interview with a local TV station. “Is this something that could incite gang violence in the city? And for as critical as she can be with the cops, is she going to support gangs in this city or cops?”

Calls to the mayor's office were not immediately returned.

Police Department spokesman John Elder told msnbc they have no plans to comment on the matter. But online users continue to be vocal on what has now been dubbed “#pointergate” on social media.

Users didn’t appear to be as concerned about the content of the photo. Instead, they mocked the backlash, posting memes riddled with sarcasm and snark.

Within the past seven days, there have been nearly 27,000 tweets using the #pointergate hashtag, according to social search and analytics company Topsy.