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Not your average news quiz

Before you call it a day, show us your news smarts by taking our weekly news quiz.

You made it to the weekend -- cheers! Before you call it a day, show us your news smarts by taking our weekly news quiz. And don't be shy, let us know your score and challenge your friends to take it too! 

The NRA is launching a multimillion-dollar ad campaign that attempts to portray Bloomberg as a Manhattan elitist who considers other states “fly-over country.”

The debacle took place at a town hall meeting hosted by the New Jersey governor. 

Foley traveled extensively in the Middle East and North Africa. He reported about conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, where he was once held captive for 44 days.

Since the teenager’s death, Brown’s family and their advocates have said they do not believe local officials could impartially investigate this case.

In a defiant press conference, the Texas governor vowed, “I am going to fight this injustice with every fiber of my being, and we will prevail.”

This development marks the Supreme Court’s third ruling on marriage equality since it struck down DOMA. 

Eric Garner died after police attempted to arrest him on suspension of selling loose cigarettes. 

This race will be crucially important in determining whether Democrats or Republicans take control the of the Senate.

The book is part memoir, part policy platform.

Though this doesn’t mean he’s planning on turning himself into authorities either.

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