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New Hampshire exit poll results: How Donald Trump won

Donald Trump did particularly well among a few groups of voters at the New Hampshire primary.

Donald Trump won nearly every voting bloc in New Hampshire Tuesday, according to the NBC News Exit Poll.

Trump did particularly well among a few groups. His best showing came from voters who wanted a candidate who "tells it like it is" (65 percent) and those who want a president from outside the political establishment (61 percent).

Trump took support from about half (52 percent) of Republicans who named immigration as their top issue. He also won 44 percent of the vote among those who support banning non-U.S. Muslims from entering the country, as the billionaire real-estate mogul has called for.

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Trump also won nearly half (46 percent) of voters who have never been to college and nearly four in 10 (39 percent) voters in gun-owning households.

Trump voters were not swayed by late developments in the race, such as the Republican debate over the weekend. He won a majority of those who settled on their vote decision more than a month ago (57 percent).

Trump voters are also enthusiastic about their candidate -- with 70 percent saying their vote for Trump was a strong endorsement of his candidacy, compared to 27 percent who said they have some reservations about Trump and just 3 percent who voted for Trump only because they disliked the rest of the field.

While he may have won the night, New Hampshire Republicans are divided on the prospects of Trump as the party's nominee. Overall, 50 percent say they would be satisfied if he won the GOP nomination, but a comparable 47 percent would be dissatisfied. Among voters who supported someone other than Trump in Tuesday's Republican primary, only 27 percent would be happy to see him as the party's standard-bearer. 

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