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Neil Armstrong gives rare interview to Australian accountants

Campaign bickering got you down?

Campaign bickering got you down? In case you need a quick break for politics, this is pretty awesome...

Neil Armstrong almost never gives interviews, but he broke his silence to talk about the Apollo 11 mission to—of all people—the head of a group of Australian accountants!

The Guardian recounts one fascinating excerpt:

When Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made their descent aboard the Eagle to the moon's surface, the on-board computer had intended to put them down on the side of a large crater with steep slopes littered with huge boulders. "Not a good place to land at all," said Armstrong. "I took it over manually and flew it like a helicopter out to the west direction, took it to a smoother area without so many rocks and found a level area and was able to get it down there before we ran out of fuel. There was something like 20 seconds of fuel left."

You can watch the whole interview here.