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Morning Maddow: October 18

Morning headlines: the husband of House stenographer Dianne Reidy speaks, Sen.-elect Cory Booker to conduct same-sex marriages, new Blackwater charges.
Cory Booker
FILE - Newark Mayor Cory Booker talks during a news conference outside of the Prudential Center, in this April 4, 2012 file photo taken in Newark, N.J....

Sen.-elect Cory Booker plans to marry same-sex couples on Monday. (BuzzFeed) 

Why the House stenographer shouted about Freemasons during the shutdown vote and how she feels now. (Daily Beast) 

Capitol Police say she won't be charged with any crime. (The Hill) 

Justice Department brings new charges against former Blackwater contractors in the 2007 Nissour Square shooting. (AP) 

Why some votes already cast in New Jersey's next election may be voided. (Philadelphia Inquirer) 

Maggie Gallagher: Ken Cuccinelli's "abortion truce strategy" is demoralizing the conservative base. (Wash Post)

U.S. considers easing Iranian sanctions. (NY Times)