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Miss Piggy gets feminist award

The muppet gets a feminist award, and controversy ensues.

Sandra Day O’Connor. Toni Morrison. Anita Hill. Miss Piggy?

On Wednesday evening, the beloved puppet joined those icons in the feminist pantheon when she received the Sackler Center for Feminist Art’s First Award at the Brooklyn Museum.

Elizabeth Sackler, the founder of the awards, told msnbc, "Miss Piggy embodies overtly all the characteristics that women need to have in order to really succeed. We’re talking about tenacity, strength, intelligence, strategy, a sense of humor... She also believes that who you are is all you need to be and [to] really go for it." 

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The choice was not without controversy. Sure, Miss Piggy is confident, but what about her constant nagging of and clinging to Kermit, a sexist stereotype if there ever was one? Besides, not long ago Miss Piggy declared in an interview that she is not a feminist.

Onstage to receive her award, Miss Piggy conceded she herself had doubted her feminist bonafides most, but that she had recently undergone a transformation. “As of today,” she announced, “I am a feminist.”

In an interview with msnbc, Miss Piggy added,  “Especially since I’m being awarded a feminist icon award.”

Miss Piggy also gamely submitted to questions about her politics. 

Is she pro-choice? “I’m pro-everything.” 

Why not Ms. Piggy? “I’ve spent so much money marketing myself, I think it would be unwise.”

Beside her sat Gloria Steinem, who co-founded "Ms." magazine. “I think the idea is, you can call yourself anything you want,” Steinem said. As for Piggy’s feminism, Steinem said, “She understands you can bat your eyelashes and do karate chops. People think being a feminist is about being more like men. It’s not.”

So what is feminism about?

“I think you’re looking at it,” said Miss Piggy, referring to herself and Steinem. “We’re tough, strong, intelligent, and yeah, beautiful, inside and out.”