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Michele Bachmann trolls Hillary Clinton's struggle to enter subway station

Clinton’s well-documented ride on the NYC subway got off to a difficult start, and one Republican is poking fun at the Democratic front-runner.

Hillary Clinton’s well-documented ride on the New York City subway got off to a difficult start on Thursday, and one former presidential candidate is poking fun at the Democratic front-runner.

Clinton faltered not once but four times as she swiped her metro card to enter the subway stop at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Finally, on her fifth attempt, Clinton’s metro card registered, releasing the turnstile.

The Democrat then rode the train with Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr., who introduced her along the way as “the next president of the United States,” and posed for selfies two stops later outside the 170th Street Station. But cameras had already captured every moment of her struggle in real-time on live television.

Cue former Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann, who took it upon herself to go to the NYC subway on Friday morning to teach Clinton the art of swiping a metro card. “I know you had a tough time, Hillary, trying to figure out how to do the subway system, even though you were the U.S. senator from New York,” the Minnesota native says in a video tutorial she posted on Twitter.

As soon as Bachmann is done speaking, she swipes her metro card once and walks through the turnstile, adding mockingly, “just that easy, just that quick.”

Some Twitter users were quick to point out on Friday that the flimsy cards are difficult at times even for veteran riders. “Stay out of this. I've lived in NYC for 40 years. We all have trouble with those turnstiles,” a political blogger named Steve tweeted in response to Bachmann.

This isn’t the first time that Bachmann, who was ultimately defeated in her bid to capture the 2012 Republican nomination for the presidency by former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, has trolled Clinton on Twitter. Clinton is a recurring subject of the Republican’s tweets, like one on Tuesday that posed the question: “Hillary: If Chelsea chose to abort her unborn baby today, you’re fine with that?”