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Log Cabin Republican: GOP support for gay marriage is inevitable

It's fair to say the GOP doesn't have a reputation for being supportive of gay rights.

It's fair to say the GOP doesn't have a reputation for being supportive of gay rights. But nearly half of Republicans under the age of 44 back same-sex marriage, a position at odds with the GOP platform. That's why some Gay Republicans argue that in the long run, Republican support for same-sex marriage is inevitable.

"This is a rapid change, and it is something that the Republican Party will have to incorporate as it goes forward and looks ahead to victories," Casey Pick of the Log Cabin Republicans told msnbc's Thomas Roberts Tuesday.

Pick also pushed back against criticism of the group for endorsing Mitt Romney in the presidential election.

"Lesbian voters like all Americans are multifaceted individuals, and when you speak about the potential for the fiscal cliff and damage to the economy, we considered the economy when we made our endorsement," said Pick, adding: "After meeting with the candidate and speaking with the campaign frequently, we did come to the conclusion that we felt we could work with a Romney administration on issues like workplace non-discrimination."

But Pick acknowledged that the group disagreed with Romney's opposition to same-sex marriage, and noted that that disagreement was a significant part of why Log Cabin Republicans exists.

"We are Republicans who can speak to other Republicans to make the conservative case for these issues," she said. "We have watched the United States move very rapidly on these issues over the last 10 years, and as much as President Obama had a process to evolve on the issue of marriage, the same is also true for Republicans, more and more of whom today are coming to support even the freedom to marry."