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Lanny Davis: Michael Cohen still has a story to tell

Michael Cohen's lawyer, Lanny Davis, talks to Ari Melber about Special Counsel Mueller's report and the SDNY investigation

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe may have wrapped up, but the investigations into President Trump are far from over.

President Trump’s former attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, is working with the Southern District of New York as it looks into the president.

“I believe Michael Cohen has a story to tell about what he told Mr. Mueller that leads to strong inferences of knowledge about the Trump Tower meeting, which was by definition collusion,” Cohen’s legal advisor, Lanny Davis, told Ari Melber in an exclusive interview. “Mr. Cohen is fully cooperating with the Southern District of New York and is offering more information that he’s now discovered when he’s retrieved back his cell phones and other documents from the Southern District.”

Davis said AG William Barr must answer why Donald Trump Jr. and Allen Weisselberg were not indicted for hush money payments ordered by President Trump.

“We put up a check a President of the United States committing a crime while president, and not one Republican during the hearing of Michael Cohen asked about that check,” Davis said. “Now Don Jr. — who’s not president, no problem indicting him — Mr. Weisselberg was given immunity while Mr. Cohen was forced to plead guilty for doing what Donald Trump told him to do with Mr. Weisselberg. Is that a disparity of justice here?”

Watch more of the interview, above.