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Komen shakes up leadership in fallout from Planned Parenthood controversy

Though it's been about six months since the Susan G.

Though it's been about six months since the Susan G. Komen Foundation's decided—then reversed its decision—to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, the organization is apparently still reeling from the controversy. On Wednesday, Komen announced that its president and founder will be stepping down from their leadership positions.

According to a statement from the organization, "Komen Founder and CEO Nancy G. Brinker announced plans to move to a new management role focusing on revenue creation, strategy and global growth as chair of the Komen Board Executive Committee when the search for a new senior executive has been completed. At the same time, Komen President Liz Thompson announced plans to leave the organization in September."

In February, the organization faced a strong backlash against its decision to cut funding from Planned Parenthood. After objections from supporters, the group eventually backed down and reinstated the funding. 

Irin Carmon from explained on The Last Word that the right "really overplayed their hand" in thinking "that they've successfully stigmatized Planned Parenthood." In reality, Carmon said, "when Komen defunded Planned Parenthood—and now you're seeing them trying to do the same thing on the federal government level, on the states levels—people got mad. You had this amazing outpouring of support, just like you had for Sandra Fluke."