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Hillary Clinton to travel to Florida, Texas and Missouri

As part of her campaign's 50-state organizing plan, Clinton will travel beyond the early presidential primary and caucus states.

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa -- Hillary Clinton will travel to Florida, Texas and Missouri in the coming weeks to build support for her presidential campaign beyond the early primary and caucus states, a campaign aide tells msnbc.

In addition to building robust campaign teams in the four early voting states -- Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada -- Clinton’s campaign has hired organizers in dozens of other states as part of a 50-state organizing program they call the “Ramp Up Organizing Program.”

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The goal is to lay the groundwork and organize grassroots support that will help her in later primaries and caucuses in those states. And it’s an effort to show that Clinton will fight for every vote, including in red states like Texas.

Clinton's campaign has had organizers on the ground for weeks in a number of states, and it has sent surrogates or senior campaign aides on her behalf. But now Clinton will personally travel to three of these states for campaign events and fundraisers.

Clinton will visit Florida next week on Thursday, May 28 and Friday, May 29. Then she’ll head to Texas on Wednesday, June 3 and Thursday, June 4. And later, she’ll travel to Missouri on Tuesday, June 23.

In the 2008 Democratic primary contest, Clinton won Florida and Texas, while Barack Obama upset her in Missouri.

It’s an “effort to continue building for primary states beyond the early four,” said a campaign aide, who requested anonymity to discuss Clinton's travel plans. “These local grassroots volunteer infrastructures will help the campaign be ready to compete and win the 2016 Florida, Texas and Missouri primaries.”

Clinton will hold a variety of campaign events in each state, including roundtable discussions, speeches and tours of local institutions and businesses.

The events will be held around fundraisers in each state.

The former secretary of state is in Iowa Tuesday for an event on small businesses. On Wednesday, she heads to Chicago for three fundraisers. And on Friday she returns to New Hampshire.