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Hillary Clinton to visit New Hampshire next week

For her second outing of the 2016 campaign, Clinton will visit the state that (almost) rescued her first presidential bid.

For her second outing since officially declaring her presidential bid, Hillary Clinton will go from the state that derailed her first presidential campaign to the one that saved it -- at least for a while.

Clinton will make a two-day swing through New Hampshire on Monday and Tuesday for private meetings and roundtable events, similar to the trip she just completed in Iowa, a campaign aide told msnbc. 

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The idea in this phase of Clinton's nascent campaign is to allow Clinton to interact with "everyday Americans" in intimate settings, where she tends to be more comfortable than large-format rallies. 

Iowa's trip included two roundtable discussions, which reporters were allowed to attend, along with private meetings with local activists. She also met with the Democratic lawmakers in the Iowa Capitol building, where cameras were not allowed. Campaign aides say New Hampshire's events will follow a similar format. 

Clinton has an event in Washington, D.C. the following Wednesday, which is closed to the press, and then she will a keynote an address at a large event Thursday in New York City.

Clinton finished in an embarrassing third place in Iowa in January of 2008, but won New Hampshire days later. The win in the state -- which also made Bill Clinton the "comeback kid" during the 1992 Democratic primary -- rejuvenated her campaign. A moment when Clinton teared up at a coffee shop in Portsmouth is credited with helping turn around Clinton's image. 

She went on to battle Barack Obama for months in state after state across the country, before finally conceding in early June. Obama and Clinton held their first joint rally together in the symbolically named town of Unity, New Hampshire.