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Hillary Clinton makes a pot joke

While campaigning in Colorado, Clinton joked about the newly legalized drug.

Hillary Clinton has denied trying marijuana for decades, and now we know for sure she was telling the truth.

Back in March of 1992, the day after her husband admitted to trying (but never inhaling) the drug, Clinton told reporters she never had. "No, I don't like smoke, cigarettes or anything," Newsday quoted her as saying at the time. Asked if it was a fair question, she replied, "It's tough to judge fairness ... it is not really on target with what is going on and what the future of this country is dependent on."

She again denied ever trying the drug during her Senate campaign in 2000, after a book quoted an old boyfriend suggesting Clinton had smoked at parties. And her visit Monday to Colorado, which legalized marijuana in 2012, should put any lingering doubts to rest.

While campaigning for Sen. Mark Udall in Denver, Clinton visited a coffee shop which serves up latte art. The foam in Clinton's cup looked like a pig, the shop's mascot, while Udall got a leaf. "You got, like, a plant," she said, cracking herself up. "Is that a marijuana plant?" 

As anyone who has read a news story about marijuana would immediately recognize, the heart-shaped leaf in Udall's cup looks nothing like the pointed star shape of a marijuana leaf.