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Here's everyone Donald Trump has insulted in October

From Ben Carson to immigrants as a whole, lots of people have earned the Donald's ire in the past few weeks.

The list of people who have been insulted by Donald Trump is getting longer.

Whether he’s at a rally, doing an interview or tweeting, the GOP presidential hopeful spends a lot of time hurling insults at other politicians, both in and out of office, Republican or Democrat, as well as journalists and anyone else who utters a bad word about him.

Trump defends his rhetoric by saying he is a “counterpuncher,” and only takes aim at people who have slugged him first.

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The Republican candidate has maintained a lead in the polls since this summer, but just recently, some have shown him slipping behind retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who had previously been coming in second place. That's enough to earn him Trump's ire — but Carson's hardly alone.

Here are all the people that Trump has insulted, or "counterpunched," so far this month:

Ben Carson: At a recent rally in Jacksonville, Florida, Trump took a jab at Carson’s religion, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, by saying he just doesn’t know about it. While Trump claimed he wasn’t saying anything bad about the religion, he appeared to be questioning Carson’s religious beliefs.

George W. Bush: Trump made headlines this month when he said, “When you talk about George Bush, I mean, say what you want, the World Trade Center came down during his time.” The mogul said he wasn’t blaming Bush for the attack, but he was making a clear statement about the former president’s leadership.

Jeb Bush: Following Trump’s comment about George W. Bush, Jeb Bush defended his brother, calling Trump pathetic. He fired back on Twitter, saying Jeb was pathetic. Trump then tweeted that Bush couldn’t provide the “energy and spirit” America needs, and later said the former Florida governor was “lost” and his campaign is in disarray.

Mitt Romney: After the former Republican presidential nominee said he doesn’t think Trump will be the party's pick, Trump said Romney had a “choke loss to Obama” in 2012 and added that he “blew an election that should never have been lost.”

Republicans: In an interview on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Trump said, “The Republicans don't know how to negotiate, to be honest with you. I'm a Republican, it's embarrassing to watch them negotiate.”

Immigrants: Trump has continued his harsh remarks about immigrants, saying recently “Our country will be overrun!” in a tweet about how his Republican opponents are not tough enough on immigration. Trump has also insulted the thousands of Syrian refugees by suggesting they could be members of ISIS and that he would kick them out of the United States if he becomes president.

Hillary Clinton: Trump has repeatedly said Clinton is one of “the worst secretary of states,” and that she has had a “bad record.” In a recent interview with NBC’s Katy Tur, he said, “The whole world is blowing up around us, and it was during her term.” At his campaign rally in Jacksonville, Florida, he hit even harder, saying, “You elect Hillary for president, you have a country that goes to hell.”

John Kerry: The real estate mogul didn’t put all the blame of the “whole world blowing up around us” on Clinton. Right after that he said Secretary of State Kerry is “the worst of all time” because he helped negotiate the Iran nuclear deal.

Bernie Sanders: Trump referred to Sanders as a “maniac” and “socialist/communist” after the Democratic debate, criticizing him for making Clinton move further to the left on her policies.

Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee: After the Democratic debate, Trump made clear that he thinks Clinton and Sanders are the only contenders in the Democratic primary race. “The other people shouldn’t even be up there to be honest with you,” he told Tur. “A couple of them were ridiculous.”

Charles Lane: Likely upset about an article Lane wrote about Trump, the GOP candidate tweeted, “It's amazing that some of the dumbest people on television work for the Wall Street Journal, in particular a real dope named Charles Lane!” Side note: Lane is an opinion writer for The Washington Post.

Politico: Trump tweeted his insults at Politico, calling the journalists “clowns,” and saying their reporting is “dishonest.”

Glenn Beck (and John Boehner): In one tweet, Trump insulted the radio host and outgoing House Speaker Boehner. “Wacky @glennbeck who always seems to be crying (worse than Boehner) speaks badly of me only because I refuse to do his show — a real nut job!” he wrote.

Bill Kristol: Trump tweeted that Kristol, a political analyst, is “dopey” and has “lost all credibility with so many dumb statements and picks.” He said this after Vice President Joe Biden announced he would not be running for president, which Kristol had not predicted correctly.

Marc Thiessen: Attacking the former speechwriter for George W. Bush, Trump said he “is a failed Bush speechwriter whose work was so bad that he has never been able to make a comeback. A third rate talent!”