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Haley faces conservative backlash after GOP response to Obama

There's already backlash brewing on the conservative right against Nikki Haley's State of the Union response.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley impressed some Democrats and moderate Republicans with her Republican response to the State of the Union Tuesday night -- but there's already backlash brewing on the conservative right.

"Trump should deport Nikki Haley," conservative commentator Ann Coulter tweeted part way through Haley's speech. She later added: "Nikki Haley says 'welcoming properly vetted legal immigrants, regardless of religion.' Translation: let in all the Muslims."

Radio host Laura Ingraham also tweeted about Haley's speech, writing, "[Former Obama official] Van Jones just praised Nikki Haley speech. Enough said."

The lines in the speech getting particular notice are those that seem to allude to Donald Trump -- particularly when Haley said, "there's a tendency to falsely equate noise with results."

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The quickly evolving sentiments underscore the deepening divide in the Republican Party - one that has many so-called "establishment" Republicans increasingly convinced that Trump is on his way to winning the nomination. It's a reality, many believe, that will fundamentally reshape the GOP as it's now known.

Haley's speech won praise from Republicans who've opposed Trump.

"Proud of my friend @nikkihaley for delivering a positive & uplifting response to Pres. Obama's #SOTU. Clear vision for a brighter future," Jeb Bush wrote on Twitter.

Other conservative pundits took to Twitter to defend the Palmetto State governor:

Democrats, too, praised Haley's address. "Really effective speech by @nikkihaley. Avoided the Response to SOTU curse," former Obama adviser David Axelrod wrote on Twitter.

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