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George H.W. Bush: 'I need your help'

Former President George H.W. Bush sent out an email urging voters to contribute to Jeb Bush's campaign.

Former President George H.W. Bush on Sunday pleaded with voters to contribute to Jeb Bush's campaign, as his son continues to slide further down the ranks in a crowded GOP presidential field dominated by Donald Trump. 

Ninety-one and recovering from a broken neck, H.W. Bush gets to the point at the top of his email, writing, "I need your help."

Mirroring an email sent by former President George W. Bush earlier this month, H.W. Bush asks for a contribution of at least $25 to help Jeb reach his $200,000 goal by midnight tomorrow. H.W. throws his support behind his son more like a father, rather than a former president.

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"I love my son, and I know he'll make a great President because of his record in Florida and commitment to this country, but he needs your help now," H.W. Bush writes of Jeb, who at one point was presumed to be the front-runner among Republican candidates.

"Keep in mind" he warns jokingly, "it won’t be me following up if Jeb is still short, it’ll be my wife, "The Enforcer," adding "You can ask Jeb, those emails aren’t fun."

The email also comes as three top Bush fundraisers left the campaign Friday, according to a POLITICO report. 

Despite attempts to distance himself from the Bush legacy, Jeb Bush appears to be welcoming his namesake if it can help salvage his lackluster numbers and funds compared to Trump's. (Trump has said he doesn't need anybody's money to run for president, and has been hairy on whether his events are in fact fundraisers.)

George W. Bush has become more vocal in support of his brother in recent weeks; he will be hosting a fundraiser event in New York City on September 10 for Jeb.

A recent Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics Iowa poll found Jeb Bush slipping at just 6% in the pivotal state, which holds the first presidential nominating contest.