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First entrepreneur Barbie created with smartphone, tablet

Life in plastic just got innovative.
A billboard featuring a new \"Entrepreneur Barbie\" doll in Times Square, New York City on June 19, 2014.
A billboard featuring a new \"Entrepreneur Barbie\" doll in Times Square, New York City on June 19, 2014.

Life in plastic just got innovative. Barbie is now an entrepreneur.

Mattel, Inc., the American toy manufacturing company that produces the iconic doll, this week introduced the tech-savvy woman to the market. The 2014 Career of the Year Barbie went on sale Wednesday -- smartphone and tablet in hand. She sticks to stereotypical feminine Barbie fashion by wearing a signature pink dress and heels, and carrying a matching pink wallet and black briefcase. She also dons a sparkling necklace and elegant hairstyle.

The campaign for the new figure includes a billboard in New York City's Times Square with the phrase: "If you can dream it, you can be it." She is also expected to have her own LinkedIn page soon.

Entrepreneur Barbie is "ready for the next big pitch," according to her description on the company website.

The original 1959 Barbie has evolved from early roles as a nurse and ballerina, to presidential candidate and astronaut. But throughout her 55-year existence, Barbie has been criticized for promoting an unrealistic body image to young girls.

Lego also recently announced its plans to launch a new series of mini-figures consisting of female scientists, including an astronomer with a telescope and a chemist working in her laboratory. An online campaign identified a glaring gender gap among the toy company's available items. Critics noted that the few Lego women who currently exist have uninspiring Lego lives compared to the men who swim with sharks and fight monsters.

The new Barbie is on sale at, but will be sold in retail stores beginning in August.