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Fiorina: Unlike Clinton, I 'enjoy spending time with my husband'

Despite vowing not to make personal comments about the other woman in the 2016 presidential race, Carly Fiorina has plenty to say about Hillary Clinton's marriage.

"Unlike another woman in this race, I actually love spending time with my husband. I'm standing here because I think we have to restore a citizen government, we have to end crony capitalism," she said in Thursday night's undercard debate. 

Fiorina made the same remarks earlier in the day at a town hall in South Carolina. “I'm delighted that Frank would join me as well. Frank has been in South Carolina for the last, what, couple days,” she said of her husband’s campaigning. “You know unlike some other women in this race, I actually like spending time with my husband.”

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Fiorina vowed months ago not to make personal comments about Clinton. "I never make a personal comment about Hillary Clinton — my criticism of her is fact-based, based on her actions and track record. And that is fair game," Fiorina told People magazine in September. 

Fiorina's barb comes as her momentum — and polling numbers — slip: The candidate's impressive appearance at the first undercard debate got her promoted to the main stage, but her poll numbers have dropped recently, landing her back at the undercard debate in South Carolina.

At her town hall in during the day, Fiorina spent much of her time criticizing Clinton.

"Hillary Clinton wants to go to the White House. But the truth is she is only qualified for the big house. This is a woman who has escaped prosecution more times than El Chapo. I’m sure Sean Penn is waiting to interview her, breathlessly," she said, referencing the actor's controversial interview with the drug kingpin for Rolling Stone magazine this month.