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Exclusive: Tough new Sanders ad takes aim at Clinton

Sanders' new ad targets politicians who "are paid over $200,000 an hour for speeches" while opposing a $15 minimum wage.

The day after a contentious debate in Brooklyn, Bernie Sanders’ campaign is deploying its toughest TV ad yet targeting Hillary Clinton and her ties to Wall Street ahead of Tuesday’s make-or-break primary in New York.

“While Washington politicians are paid over $200,000 an hour for speeches, they oppose raising the living wage to fifteen dollars an hour,” the ad’s narrator says. “Two hundred thousand dollars an hour for them. But not even fifteen bucks an hour for all Americans. Enough is enough.”

The ad, which was shared first with NBC News, never mentions Clinton, but many will recognize it as clearly aimed at the former secretary of state. It begins airing Friday.

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Sanders and Clinton dueled in Thursday’s debate over Clinton’s speaking fees from large corporations, generally in excess of $200,000, and her support for raising the minimum wage to $12 an hour, but not $15. Sanders regularly hits Clinton on both issues. 

Sanders has proudly touted that he’s never run a negative campaign ad in his life, but he and Clinton have turned up the heat on each other in New York.

"Wall Street banks shower Washington politicians with campaign contributions and speaking fees," the ad's narrator continues. "And what do they get for it? A rigged economy. Tax breaks and bailouts. All held in place by a corrupt campaign finance system."