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The 19 most fiercely honest election confessions from across the country

In one week, 5,000 people -- ages 7 to 70 -- submitted secrets.

One week ago, NBC News launched "Election Confessions" and urged people across the country to anonymously confess their thoughts on the candidates and the state of the country as it stands. What came pouring in was a raw look into how voters really feel about the election. 

In seven days, we received more than 4,000 text and picture messages and more than 1,000 voice messages. While some people used Election Confessions to vent their frustrations, most truly confessed their unpopular opinion or worries about both Republican and Democratic candidates seeking the nomination in their party. 

Naturally, there was the occasional x-rated submission, but the majority of people just wanted to be heard -- despite not having their name attached. We got confessions from all ages -- 7 years old to 70 years old -- and states across the country from Indiana to Colorado. We heard from professors and immigrants and veterans. We even sparked a group text called "Election Confessions" (here's a screenshot to prove it). 

Check out the 19 best confessions on so far:

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