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Donald Trump talks potential cabinet picks

Donald Trump revealed a little bit more of what the White House would look like under his leadership in the second part of his interview with Sean Hannity.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump revealed a little bit more about what the White House would look like under his leadership in the second part of his interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity, which aired Wednesday.

In the highly rated first half, Trump went into more specifics than usual about his views on Obamacare, Planned Parenthood and the economy. On Wednesday, the real estate mogul hit some familiar themes — "China is killing us," he said — but also spoke candidly about how he would function as commander in chief.

Trump told Hannity that although he didn't want to name specific people, he would seek out "great minds" and the "best negotiators" for his would-be cabinet. After floating the names of big businessman like Jack Welch, Trump said, "I have great respect for Warrren Buffett ... he's a terrific guy and a very common sense person." The GOP front-runner neglected to mention that Buffet endorsed President Obama in both 2008 and 2012. Buffett has also expressed support for Hillary Clinton's candidacy in 2016. Trump has also not ruled out a role for Sarah Palin in the past.

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When pressed by Hannity on the popular conservative concept of a flat tax, Trump said he doesn't "like when everybody is paying the same." He said he wanted to "simplify" the tax code and "make it really good." On the other hand, he probably pleased his base by coming out in favor of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. "The Keystone pipeline should be approved immediately," Trump said. "Number one, it's jobs ... it's not going to hurt anything in terms of environmentally. It's hard to believe that that has not been approved."

On foreign policy, Trump reiterated his belief that the Iraq War was a mistake but also advocated military intervention in Iran. "Iran is taking over the world," he told Hannity. "If Iran was a stock, buy it." Trump went on the call Obama's nuclear arms deal with Iran a "disaster." 

"We have to go in. We have to stop, if we can, this deal for being made," Trump said. "I did not want to go in, but now it's totally messed up ... we have go in with force and take the oil."

"They will know I am not playing games," he added.

As president, Trump said he would probably lash out at his enemies a "little bit less" via Twitter.

"For years, if somebody did bad stuff to me, I couldn't fight back. Now, I have @TheRealDonaldTrump, and now I can sort of tweet some bad stuff about them and if people like it, it's all over the world," said Trump.

Trump, who had been feuding with Fox News as recently as last week, said his daughter Ivanka helped reassure him amid the backlash over his criticism of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly. According to Trump, Ivanka told him: "You've gotta let people know how much you adore women, how you'll take care of them."

Of course, "The Donald" couldn't resist getting in another dig at one of his rivals: "And then right after she said that Jeb Bush came out with that horrible statement where essentially he's not going to take care of women's health issues."