Disclosure gives picture of Donald Trump's financial empire

In a personal financial disclosure filed with the Federal Election Commission, Donald Trump reports holding assets with more than 160 entities, with a total value of at least $1.4 billion.

The 92 page document, released Wednesday by the Federal Election Commission, reveals hundreds of business deals and stock holdings that yield income for the real estate mogul. It outlines at least $265 million in liabilities, including mortgages on properties like Trump Tower and numerous Trump-owned golf clubs.

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The true value of Trump's assets is difficult to assess from the FEC documentation. The form, which Trump was required to file as a presidential candidate, allows for individuals to list a range for the estimated value of assets, including a top entry of "over $50,000,000." Trump listed 23 business entities - including his Mar-A-Lago resort and his numerous golf clubs in the U.S. and Scotland - valued at over $50 million.

The 2016 presidential candidate also reported delivering seven paid speeches over the past year, netting almost $2 million in fees.

Trump claimed last week that his net worth is over $10 billion, and his campaign lamented that the FEC form would not accurately reflect the volume of his holdings.

CNBC's Alex Crippen and NBC's Mark Murray contributed to this report. This article originally appeared on NBC News.com