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'Creepy Uncle Sam' is back and being creepy...again
creepy uncle sam part 2

"Creepy Uncle Sam," the maniacal-looking costumed man meant to scare away young people from opting into Obamacare, is back—this time with a syringe in hand.

"President Obama calls us 'cynical' for informing young Americans that they can opt out of Obamacare," reads the latest installment of the anti-Affordable Care Act campaign, released on the web Friday.

"Young people had options before Obamacare," reads the tagline. "We still do."

President Obama on Thursday took aim at the creators behind the ad, Generation Opportunity, and its financial ties to deep-pocketed conservatives, Charles and David Koch.

“Some of the Tea Party’s biggest donors, some of the wealthiest men in America, are funding a cynical ad campaign trying to convince young people not to buy health care at all,” Obama said. “I mean think about it: These are billionaires several times over—you know they’ve got good health care."