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'Cosby Show' star Malcolm-Jamal Warner vs. 'Black Lives Matter' critics

In a series of tweets, Malcolm-Jamal Warner called out anyone who suggests the term is racially insensitive.

Actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner, best known for playing the relatively mild-mannered Theo on the iconic sitcom "The Cosby Show," shed his cute and cuddly image this week with some pointed commentary directed at critics of the "Black Lives Matter" slogan.

In a series of the tweets, some of which feature profane language, the 44-year-old former child star called out anyone who suggests the term is racially insensitive.

"#AllLivesMatter is a given. 2 b grown & not understand the need 2 remind white & black America that #BlackLivesMatter is choosing 2 b blind," reads one of the tweets.

The "Black Lives Matter" catchphrase went viral in the aftermath of the police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown, who was unarmed, was shot and killed by a local police officer who was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing. In the plethora of protests in the wake of Brown's death, "Black Lives Matter" became a popular hashtag and rallying cry, which was echoed in the aftermath of the deaths of Eric Garner, Tamir Rice and most recently, Walter Scott.

Warner, who is not known for being political, takes particular issue with those who have suggested that the term is discriminatory because it allegedly excludes the lives those who aren't African-American. He tweeted: "U don't take it personal if sum 1 says 'My mom is the best mom in the world' but get bent out of shape hearing #BlackLivesMatter?"

After retweeting several comments and posting articles to buttress his argument, Warner thanked his followers for "engaging in this important topic."

In closing, Warner tweeted: "Recognize, or acknowledge white privilege."