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Conservative Steve Deace goes on anti-McCain rant

a decent guy and I have some fundamental disagreements with.

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Mitt Romney’s lack of initial comment to a town hall audience member’s statement that President Obama should be tried for treason caused many pundits to sound off. But one conservative radio talk show host believes that Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) reacted even worse when caught in a similar situation while campaigning for the presidency four years ago.

When Tamron Hall, host of “NewsNation,” asked Steve Deace what he thought of Romney’s reaction, he went on a rant about his dislike of McCain. In a much lauded occurrence on the last presidential campaign trail, McCain had corrected an audience member who said she didn’t trust Obama and that he was an Arab. McCain went on to say that Obama is a “decent, family man.”

Deace apparently didn’t like this praise.

“You remind me of yesteryear when I actually found someone I disdained more than Mitt Romney and his name was John McCain,” he told Hall. “We’re all called racists, homophobes, misogynists, traitors – we get called every name in the book. But [McCain] says [President Obama’s] a decent guy and I have some fundamental disagreements with. That clip you just played are a great example of why Republicans lose all the time."

Choking back disbelief, Hall questioned Deace further:  “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re telling me that it was not a stand-up way to handle this when Senator McCain – this woman said that then-candidate Obama was Arab. He is not.”

Deace’s response was nonsensical: “It’s not that part; it’s what he said next. It’s almost like hey, I have to apologize for disagreeing with the American left."