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A compilation of reactions to the shooting death of Walter Scott

A compilation of msnbc community reactions to the shooting death of Walter Scott by officer Michael Slager in South Carolina.
Placards litters the ground after protesters gathered outside the North Charleston City Hall in North Charleston, SC on April 8, 2015. (Photo by Jim Watson/AFP/Getty)
Placards litters the ground after protesters gathered outside the North Charleston City Hall in North Charleston, SC on April 8, 2015.

This is how the msnbc community reacted to the shooting death of Walter Scott, an apparently unarmed black man, by officer Michael Slager in North Charleston, South Carolina. 

On the role of Feidin Santana's video of the shooting: 

LeftaintRight: I agree that this was a terrible act committed by this officer. I also must say that the comments about "if there were no video that the officer would still be at work." Well, yeah, probably. That's like saying you're guilty before proven innocent. No video, no immediate proof. I don't agree with what happened and I am glad there was video to erase any doubt but in the case of there being no video, you have to have due process.

Lee Young-9697698: I saw the Rodney King video, so I know what a jury can do: This cop can walk. I saw the Casey Anthony trial, the dogs smelled death in that car, she walked. George Zimmerman walked, we heard the tapes where George is saying he's checking me out, he got some thing under his jacket. They always get away with it, George provoked Trayvon after the cops said not to approach him, and he walked, so let's not claim victory so soon.

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dnon46I'd be interested in hearing how many people here believe that Tamir Rice and John Crawford should have been shot dead. There was a time not that long ago when these bad shootings happened, people would say, "If only there had been video." These two human beings are gone forever. The video of their killings told the story, just as video told the story of what happened to Rodney King. We didn't have video of Trayvon [Martin] and [George Zimmerman], but we had audio.

BluelakeAfter watching this, I think I'm going to go out and buy a cell phone with a better camera.

ALPHA-OMEGA: Why did they need a video to question this officer's actions and arrest him? A simple investigation of a man shot eight times in the back with no gunshot residue on him should have caused an immediate suspension and arrest of this officer on the spot.

On Walter Scott's history of unpaid child support: 

Greta HansenMy children's father never paid child support. I admire fathers who do. This case has nothing to do with child support. This case is about cops killing anyone, anytime, with no consequences.

On the involvement of the second police officer on site: 

Lextacy WeidmanWhat I still want to know is why is there [are] no reports of this second cop being charged on tampering with evidence. He clearly saw this cop drop the Taser next to Mr. Scott's body, he needs to be disciplined as well!

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On abuse of power in law enforcement: 

darkessence: Law enforcement is a tough business and deserves our respect and support. Most officers are honorable and do good deeds on a daily basis; and we must remember they are human, too, with human needs, obligations, and feelings. That being said, with the stress and demands, is it any wonder that dealing with the public these guys don't snap every once in a while?

A RegularEven in [Viet]Nam, we treated the [Viet Cong] POW's with more respect than the cops here treat American civilians today. That respect helped us stay alive. The LEOs [Law Enforcement Officer] better start thinking about that and decide on a solution amongst themselves, pronto.

@nimway1: It's disgusting and we really have to open our eyes and admit there are abusive, murdering cops out there. They are just people like us and, if they have issues, we can't weed them out. It's a shame that man died and I am ashamed of the cop and his department. It's not a political, religious, or economic issue, it's a murder issue, and that can't be clouded or denied. I pray that God gives his family peace and this killing stops in its tracks right now! Enough is enough.

Jeanne Donaldson: Law enforcement seems to attract the worst kind of bully, those who love being able to lawfully push people around. Those who are responsible for hiring police officers should be careful of who they hire and there should be careful screening by a psychologist.

Den1953: This nation has become militarized to the point of no return. My condolences to the family of the victim. This country needs to come back to common sense reality when it comes to the protect-and-serve public service!

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On racially motivated police brutality: 

Wake Up People!!!: There is no race baiting. If Scott was white, he would not have been executed. Southern states have been allowing this forever and finally one is caught on tape. This has everything to do with race.

bluestatepatriot: Unless the Confederate flag is removed from the state capital building in South Carolina, you can expect this to continue. No justice.

On justice:

Mahi JoeThe killing of a human being over a busted taillight. How is that considered to be justice?

Marlene Newman-8739757I would be surprised if the cop is found accountable.

These comments have been edited for length and clarity.

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