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It's announcement day for Chris Christie. But can he win?

On Tuesday morning, Christie will try and break away from underdog status when he announces his presidential bid at his former high school in Livingston.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is polling terribly in his home state. In the jam-packed 2016 Republican presidential field, he's only pulling single digits. The scandal known as Bridgegate, which sprayed his entire administration with the stench of scandal, isn't going away. And the loud buzz surrounding Christie running for president in the last election cycle? It's nearly silent this time around.

"Chris has just a good of a shot as anybody else. There is no frontrunner."'

Democrats in New Jersey, meanwhile, are calling on Christie to step down as governor if he does run for president.

“It’s tough to govern in a state when you’re not there,” said John Curie, chairman of New Jersey Democratic State Committee on a conference call with reporters on Monday. Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto agreed. “He doesn’t have to legally, but I think it’s something that  should be considered,” adding it would “probably be in the best interest of the residents.”