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Your questions answered by the 'Blood Lions' team

Moved by the story of Cecil the lion? Watch "Blood Lions," October 7 on MSNBC to learn about the legal side of of the hunting industry.

In June of 2015, the death of a beloved lion named Cecil, at the hands of an American hunter in Zimbabwe, struck a nerve around the globe. Months later, the debate over the ethics of that hunt continues. 

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On Wednesday, October 7 at 10 p.m. ET, MSNBC will premiere a new documentary that focuses on another side of the industry -- the legal side. "Blood Lions," a one-hour film, takes viewers inside the seldom seen world of the “canned hunting” industry in South Africa. 

Blood Lions Trailer

Sept. 19, 201502:02

"Blood Lions" director Bruce Young calls the documentary an exposé saying, “most of the lions exist in appalling conditions, exploited at every stage of their lives. Even the people in South Africa do not know that lions are being bred for the bullet – and that it is totally legal. We want to show the world what is going on, who is involved, the impact on the animals and how much money is being generated by this industry.”

Ahead of the premiere, the community was invited to join in a live chat with Ian Michler, a safari operator and environmental journalist who is featured heavily in the film. He answered questions about the documentary and the industry that continues to provoke emotional debate from anti-hunt activists and supporters alike.

Check out the full chat below!