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Carly Fiorina PAC spins Trump's attacks on her appearance

A PAC supporting Carly Fiorina is spinning Donald Trump’s attacks on her in a new one-minute video appealing to women voters.

A political action committee supporting GOP presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina is spinning Donald Trump’s attacks on her in a new one-minute video appealing to women voters.

“Ladies, look at this face,” Fiorina is shown saying at a campaign event, riffing off the Republican front-runner’s recent remarks. (“Look at that face!” Trump recently told Rolling Stone of Fiorina. “Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?" Trump later said he was talking about Fiorina's "persona.")

As the video continues -- interspersing the footage of Fiorina's speeches with faces of beaming, diverse women while moving piano music plays – Fiorina pitches herself to women. As the only woman running on the Republican side, Fiorina occupies a special space in the race -- she can combat Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in a way most of her male rivals cannot. Trump's attacks on Fiorina's appearance have made it easy for her to highlight this.

“And look at all of your faces. The face of leadership. The face of leadership in our party, the party of women's suffrage. The face of leadership in your communities, in your businesses, in your places of work and worship. Ladies, note to Democrat party: we are not a special interest group, we are the majority of the nation,” Fiorina says in the video. “This is the face of a 61-year-old woman. I am proud of every year and every wrinkle.”

Boosted in the polls by her breakout performance at the first presidential debate’s “happy hour” event, Fiorina will be on the main stage this week, debating face-to-face against Trump for the first time. 

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Since Trump’s criticism of her was published last week, Fiorina has been quick to fire back at him. 

“I think Donald Trump is an entertainer. And I think I am a leader,” she told reporters Saturday in Dover, New Hampshire. “What I do is talk to the American people about the issues that I care about and I think they hear what I’m talking about.”