Carly Fiorina: Hillary Clinton is 'in hiding'

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May 8, 201511:51

Republican 2016 presidential contender Carly Fiorina on Wednesday criticized her Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s relative silence on the campaign trail, telling Fox News’ Sean Hannity “there’s a whole series of questions that she really doesn’t want to answer, so she is hiding.”

According to Fox News, Fiorina has fielded 322 questions and done 21 sit-down interviews since she announced her candidacy on May 4; while Clinton has fielded only eight questions and has not been interviewed formally since announcing her second presidential run last month.

“People have this image of her, they think the know her, they think they want to vote for her, but the more they know the less they want to vote for her,” Fiorina said in the taped interview, which aired Wednesday night. “So if you’re in that situation, you don’t want people to know anymore, you certainly don’t want answer questions about foreign governments making donations to your family foundation while you’re serving as Secretary of State, you don’t want to answer questions about why you had a server in your basement, you don’t want to answer questions about Benghazi.”

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Fiorina has positioned herself as Clinton's critic-in-chief, going after her record time and time again in a way many say she can do partially because she's also a woman.

"She’s going to get away with a lot, until or unless we have a nominee who won’t let her get away with anything," Fiorina told Hannity on Wednesday, but pushed back against the idea that her gender has impacted her campaign strategy.

"People say 'well you're attacking Hillary,' well, no, I'm asking questions," Fiorina said. "I"m not asking because I'm a woman, I'm asking because I come from a world where those things count, where actions are louder than words."

Fiorina isn’t the only Republican to be criticize Clinton for her tightly-controlled campaign so far.

“You can’t script your way to the presidency,” former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and likely 2016 contender said in Reno on Wednesday. “I’ve been asked hundreds of questions both from the press and from people.”

You can watch my full interview with Sean Hannity here. With your help, we’ll restore transparency and trust in The White House.

Posted by Carly Fiorina on Thursday, May 14, 2015