Business Latest: For fighting poverty, does marriage matter?

A couple at a wedding in Norwalk, Conn. on December 12, 2012.
A couple at a wedding in Norwalk, Conn. on December 12, 2012.

IN FIGHTING POVERTY, SOME NOW SAY MARRIAGE MATTERS LESS: Researchers have for years argued that one way to reduce poverty among single mothers is to encourage marriage, pointing to the wide body of research showing that married couples tend to do better financially and in other ways. A new analysis of government data suggests that in many cases low-income single mothers who later married did not see their finances improve, These researchers argue that a better tack would be to help stop unintended pregnancies and to provide more support to single mothers through paid parental leave and subsidized pre-K programs that would give single parents better employment prospect, tactics conservatives have long opposed. Read more

SILICON SAVANNAH?: Investor interest in Africa tends to focus on commodities and the continent's gold, copper and diamond reserves. But tremendous growth in its technology sector is starting to turn heads and could signal the start of a "silicon Africa" – provided infrastructure catches up with the region's high-tech ambitions. Read more

THE SO-CALLED DANGERS OF OVER-EARNING: The New York Times points out a study that seems to demonstrate that some people are willing to work too hard and earn too much. That may not seem like such a big problem. In a society plagued by debts, unemployment, and stagnant wages, it seems almost decadent to worry about the problem of over-earning. But it actually has deep economic implications. Read more