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Business Latest: Bottled water

The California drought can’t stop bottled water.
Bottles of water for sale.
Bottles of water for sale.

BOTTLED WATER: The California drought can’t stop bottle water. The state is in its third year of a severe drought. To ease the water shortage, many water use restrictions are in place including mandatory fines on residents. But so far, makers of bottled water that use California’s water supply are immune from any regulations. That’s made many people in and out of California cry foul. Read more 

OBAMACARE TRANSPARENCY: Connecticut does it, California does it, New York does it – why the heck can’t the federal government do it? States that run their own Obamacare exchanges are, as a group, much, much more transparent about some key data that the federal government, which runs in 36 states. Read more 

NATURAL GAS RELIEF: A cooler-than-expected summer has sent natural gas prices reeling by at least 20%, keeping a lid on utility costs at a time when consumers haven’t seen substantial relief in the way of gasoline prices. But that’s not the only story: the temperatures also translate into higher natgas stockpiles, which could also help contain prices during the all-important winter season – unlike last year when natgas surged by 40%. Read more