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18 burning questions about Hillary's road trip

Here's what we must know about this epic road trip taking place in a black vehicle Clinton has deemed her "Scooby Doo van."

Time to put the pedal to the metal.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, just hours after officially declaring her presidential bid, Hillary Clinton hopped into a black van for a 16-hour road trip from Chappaqua, New York to Iowa. Clinton is traveling with longtime aide Huma Abedin and spokesperson Nick Merrill. Secret service is with them and she is not likely behind the wheel herself. The trip will take her along I-80 through the swing states of Pennsylvania and Ohio before she arrives in Iowa. 

Americans love road trips. As Clinton prepares for her first public appearance as a presidential candidate for 2016 in the first-in-the-nation caucus state, here are 18 questions about the former secretary of state's own trip in what she has deemed her "Scooby Doo van."

1. Windows down or Air Conditioning on? 

2. What's on the playlist? More specifically, which Beyonce songs?

3. I Spy or Name That Tune? 

4. What is her official position on the license plate game?

5. Who's DJ? Is it Huma? Tell us it's Huma. 

6.  Car selfies?

7. Does she ride shotgun? 

8. Feet up on the dashboard?

9. How many truckers have they gotten to honk?

10. What's her snack of choice? 

11. Slurpee or Frappuccino?

12. Self service or full service? 

13. Google maps or Waze or an ACTUAL MAP?

14. How does secret service feel about the Punch Buggy game?

15. Hotel or motel?

16. Packed lunch or truck stop? 

17. Audio books or Serial?

18. Is Zoe Saldana with her?

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