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Bernie Sanders brings in $15 million, campaign says

The Vermont senator has raised $15 million since announcing his presidential campaign in late April -- with nearly 87% coming from donors who gave $250 or less.

MADISON, Wisconsin -- Sen. Bernie Sanders raised $15 million since announcing his presidential campaign in late April, his campaign announced Thursday, with contributions from more than 250,000 individual donors.

The Vermont senator’s campaign touted that nearly 87% of his total money raised came from donors who contributed $250 or less, and said the average donation was just $33.51. 

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The numbers are not official until Sanders’ team files a report with the Federal Election Commission in coming days, but campaigns commonly announce their own figures before the report becomes available. 

It’s a strong haul for Sanders, who has been surpassing expectations at nearly every turn, though still well behind the $45 million Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton reported raising Wednesday. 

Sanders drew the largest crowd of any candidate of this presidential election campaign so far Wednesday night here, where nearly 10,000 filled a coliseum to capacity.

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Sanders strategists say the campaign hopes to raise $50 million for the Democratic primary campaign – a goal it seems on pace to meet if fundraising continues at this clip.

Fellow Democratic presidential candidates Martin O'Malley and Lincoln Chafee have not yet announced their fundraising numbers, nor has Jim Webb, who officially announced his 2016 bid for president in an email sent on Thursday to his supporters.

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Webb, a former Virginia senator, will not have to disclose his fundraising numbers until October because he waited to announce his presidential run after the end of the financial quarter.