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Bashir to Fox: Tell viewers that Karl Rove is 'driving a super-tanker of cash directly against the president'

Martin Bashir is on fire.

Martin Bashir is on fire. The host of msnbc's Martin Bashir Live just noted that while Karl Rove is "driving a super-tanker of cash directly against the president," in his role as the leader of the largest Romney-backing Super Pac, he also appears regularly on a certain cable news outlet where he's presented as "just another political commentator."

Lately, Rove—who got in some hot water over his own role in leaking the name of a covert CIA operative back in 2003—has been mulling the need for a special prosecutor to probe alleged intel leaks at the White House. 

Cue Martin...

If spin were an art, then Karl Rove could well be the Picasso of propaganda.Think about how conservatives are now trying to paint alleged intelligence leaks at the White House—a topic close to Mr. Rove's pallet.After all, what better pay-back for the Valerie Plame scandal, which required five appearances before a grand jury and apparently left him destitute.Hold on. Karl Rove went broke? Really?Well, if you believe that, then I suppose you'll also believe Valerie Plame wasn't a covert agent when her name was leaked to the press back in 2003—a lie aired repeatedly on Fox News.Now, in the name of all that is fair and balanced, it should be noted that Rove did describe himself as quote "of a mixed mind" on whether a special prosecutor should investigate in this case.So what happened to the cut-throat operative who orchestrated one of the most dishonest and divisive campaigns in modern political history?Well, make no mistake—while offering that vaguely moderate pretense on-air—his Super Pac, American Crossroads, is spending millions to defeat the president, and Democrats, right across the country.Unfortunately, while Fox News will repeatedly promote Rove's book, "Courage and Consequence", it doesn't have the courage to disclose Rove's real role.By failing to do this, they continue to imply that Karl Rove is just another political commentator, when in fact he's driving a super-tanker of cash directly against the president.But don't be worried ... because on one point of principle, Fox and Rove are in absolute agreement: They want a special prosecutor. Why? Because they know that they almost destroyed the last Democratic president, by the self-same tactic.