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Too Young to Die: Alysa Bobbitt

The five-year-old enjoyed playing dress up with her grandmother's shoes.

Alysa Bobbitt loved cows. When she visited her grandparents in Houston, Texas, she walked past nearby farms with her grandfather and made “moo” sounds to the cattle. When she returned to the house, she picked flowers outside for her grandmother. She also enjoyed feeding their guinea pig and playing “dress up” with her grandmother’s shoes. When she was away from her grandparents, she loved to talk to them on the phone, telling them what she’d learned in school or what presents she’d received.

Alysa, 5, graduated from kindergarten this spring and was proud that she could spell and write her own name. A quick learner, she was excited to enter the first grade in her hometown of Shady Cove, Ore.

Alysa died June 27 on the second floor of a two-story unit in Grants Pass, Ore., after being struck by a bullet that was fired up from the floor below. A woman in the same room as Alysa was seriously injured. A suspect has been arraigned and charged in court.

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