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All In Agenda:

All In Agenda for Monday, November 18th

1. Wait, there is a Republican in the deep south who supports Medicaid expansion? Wait, that Republican just won a special election against another Republican who doesn't support medicaid expansion? His name is Vance McAllister and you'll meet him tonight. Joining Chris Hayes to give context are President & CEO of Louisiana Justice Institute, Tracie Washington and Maryland Rep. Donna Edwards.

2. A Walmart in Ohio is holding a food drive....for its own employees. No, that's not a joke. Is this the proof Walmart needs to pay their workers more?  Former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich will join Chris Hayes to discuss. 

3. "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose," is a line first made famous by the show Friday Night Lights. Now, pro-choice activists are appropriating it as a motto to fight against the right's continuous assault on Texan women's reproductive health. Two of these pro-choice activists -  comedians Sarah Silverman and Lizz Winstead - will join Monday night's All In

4. The Cheney family feud and the strange thing that is political families and legacies. Joining Chris Hayes at the table to play armchair psychologist are Politics Editor for Business Insider, Josh Barro, and Former Missouri State Senator Jeff Smith.