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All In Agenda: Who's afraid of raising the minimum wage

All In Agenda for Thursday, November 14, 2013

1. President Obama announced this morning a fix to the ACA - Americans who want to keep their plans can do so for one year. So, what does that mean for the rollout? Will it help or hinder? Joining Chris Hayes to talk about it are Managing Director for Clinical Transformation & Delivery, Dr. Kavita Patel and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

2. JP Morgan was hailed as one of the best and most trusted banks out there during the housing crisis. Turns out they were not the best bank then, or now. On Wednesday the New York Times published its latest piece on the bank and what Salon's Alex Pareene calls its "really shady dealings." Joining Chris Hayes to explain why is Communications Director for The Other 98%, Alexis Goldstein.

3. There is a lot of energy behind raising the minimum wage. According to a Gallup Poll released Monday, 76% of Americans are in favor of raising the wage. So who is against it? Tonight we'll introduce you to Employment Policies Institute (EPI). At the table to discuss are Salon's David Sirota and EPI's Michael Saltsman.

4. Tonight George W. Bush is scheduled to speak at a Jews-for-Jesus event in Texas. Back when Mr. Bush was President of The United States the Republican Party's evangelical base was quite loud. But where are they now? Joining All In to discuss are Majority Report's Sam Seder, author of God's Profits, Sarah Posner and Faith & Freedom Coalition's Ralph Reed.