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9/11 tribute calls for kindness during the holiday season

The 9/11 Memorial has introduced #Tribute2983, a campaign seeking to revive the remarkable kindness that united the world after devastating tragedy.
New York Commemorates 13th Anniversary Of September 11th Attacks
A flag waves at the 9/11 Memorial on Sept. 11, 2014 in New York City.

The Sept. 11 attacks on the United States emerged as a talking point this week after the Senate released a massive 6,700-page report that characterized some CIA practices as torture. The "enhanced interrogation tactics" at the heart of the controversy were used after 9/11 as part of America's war on terror.

As Americans work to move on from a very dark period in the nation's history, the 9/11 Memorial has also introduced #Tribute2983, a campaign seeking to replicate the remarkable kindness that united the world in the wake of a devastating tragedy. 

“Throughout the holiday season, we’re looking to revive the spirit of compassion after 9/11,” said Cristina Melendez, the group’s social media manager, about the effort. 

The campaign officially launched on Nov. 24 to coincide with Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season. Workers at the 9/11 Memorial asked visitors to fill out “Dear Hero” cards to be delivered to local first-responder agencies. The response was overwhelming, and nearly 1.400 people participated.

Since the launch, the 9/11 memorial staff has completed approximately 25 acts of kindness each day — and now they're asking the global community to help do the same.

“We are asking our partners and the public to join us in completing acts of compassion, gratitude and kindness in tribute to the 2,983 people we lost in the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, and Feb. 26, 1993,” said Melendez.

Among the outside participants thus far are Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton, who tweeted their participation in the campaign from the British consulate’s account during their visit to the U.S. this week.