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Episode 3: The Day

A private spy ring in Los Angeles works to do what law enforcement fails to: infiltrate far-right groups plotting violence across the country and foil their plans.
Explosion at a Gunpowder Factory
50 people were killed, 125 injured and approximately 30 buildings were destroyed in an explosion at a smokeless gunpowder factory that was detected by the seismology department at Fordham University in New York.Hulton Deutsch / Corbis via Getty Images file

About this episode:

A devastating explosion rips through a munitions plant in a small New Jersey town. And the American public is left with the chilling fact that the federal government had been warned about such an attack almost a year prior. The tip had come from a private spy ring operating in Los Angeles that was intent on doing what law enforcement had largely failed to do. Infiltrate far-right groups plotting violence across the country, and foil their plots before it was too late.

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