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Watch: Oklahoma governor promises 'we'll come back strong'


Gov. Mary Fallin joined Morning Joe in Moore, Okla., Tuesday to describe the recovery and rebuilding she will lead in the state following the devastating storms this week.

“We’re still very much into the rescue and recovery stage," Fallin said. "We want to make sure that we have absolutely uncovered and looked into every single crevice that there might be for anyone that might have been injured in the tornado itself and the storm."

Fallin, a Republican, described “challenging” recovery her state will embark on once the recovery is completed to turn power and water back on and rebuild the areas slammed by tornadoes, particularly Moore, which was ravaged by a massive tornado on Monday afternoon.

But she's confident the state will come back strong.

“The people of Oklahoma will do whatever it takes to help their fellow citizens,” Fallin said. “We will come back strong.”