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WATCH: Does Congress block the president 'at every turn'?

Rep. Elijah Cummings said he sees the president reaching out to Congress.

Rep. Elijah Cummings said he sees the president reaching out to Congress. But each time he reaches out, Congress slaps the president away, the Maryland Democrat said.

“I can tell you sitting on the committee I sit on, as ranking member of Oversight?” Cumming said. “There are efforts to block him at every single turn.”

Washington gridlock has brought Congressional politics to what seems like a standstill: the farm bill took two votes to pass the House and only after food stamp components were completely removed from the bill; the Senate's bipartisan immigration bill is expected to stagnate in the House. Meanwhile, the House is passing bills like a ban on abortion after 20 weeks that has no chance in the Senate. Many have blamed the president for failing to lead Congress and striking the necessary deals, but Cumming argued President Obama is trying.

At a recent meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus, the president vented.

“He was really frustrated,” Cummings recalled. “He says, for example, I have recess appointments and 250 years they were constitutional. Suddenly, when I become president, they’re not constitutional?!”

Do you think Congress is at fault for blocking the president's agenda, or has he failed to lead? Watch the conversation and tell us in the comments.