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Vampires, Mackie and Lincoln oh my!

By Molly Mitchell "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," what hath you wrought on the world?

By Molly Mitchell

"Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," what hath you wrought on the world?

Actor Anthony Mackie, joined us this morning to talk about his latest project, the curiously titled new film "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter," which is based on Seth Grahame Smith's 2010 faux biography of the same title.

In the film, Mackie plays William H. Johnson who was President Lincoln’s chauffeur and assistant. Or as Morning Joe regular John Heilemann dubbed Johnson, “the James Carville” to Lincoln who also hunts vampires. Johnson would also be the first African-American to be buried at Arlington Cemetery.

Mackie joked about the film, “It’s the perfect date movie because you take a beautiful young lady and get her some popcorn...and when it comes on she’ll go ‘Ahh!’ and you can go, [strong manly voice] ‘It’s okay baby, it’s ok.’”

While the film is certainly filled with elements of fantasy, Mackie insisted that there was also a great amount of history the film presents to the audience. Mackie certainly proved his knowledge of Lincoln to the MJ panel when presidential historian (and biographer of Lincoln) Doris Kearns Goodwin called in. Goodwin did acknowledge that the same starting point in the movie is real, with the death of Lincoln’s mother and that Lincoln was forced to deal with a large amount of death. Approvingly Goodwin said, “If this brings young people to know more about his [Lincoln’s] life…and you want to read more about him, I think it’s great!” 

Clearly, Mackie is a great salesman. A beaming Mika declared “I’m going to see this movie.”

Who knew all it took to get Mika to a theater were vampires?