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The Tease: Coming Up on MJ

It was all over $40-60.
The Tease: Coming Up on MJ
The Tease: Coming Up on MJ

It was all over $40-60. Investigators say that two agents refused to pay a Colombian prostitute and ultimately blew their cover in the embarrassing Secret Service Scandal. If the agents are found guilty, Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) wants them to be "punished severely." MJ regulars Mike Barnicle, John Heilemann, Mark McKinnon will weigh in with their thoughts at the morning roundtable. 

According to funnyman David Steinberg, "If you had a great childhood, been very successful financially, and have a happy marriage, you’d make a lousy comedian." What does it take to be a great comic? We'll ask the "Inside Comedy" host about that and his time on "The Tonight Show." He's been on Johnny Carson's show more than 140 times - second only to Bob Hope.  

"Entourage" star and SHFT Co-Founder Adrian Grenier and Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford are partnering up to launch a new doc series to promote green decisions. We'll also ask Ford what pump politics mean for his company's line of electric cars. 

How do chimps say hello? We may ask chimp expert Jane Goodall to show us on set. Goodall and Director Alastair Fothergill are on to talk about "Chimpanzee," a nature film that follows the life of a chimp named Oscar, in Ivory Coast forests. 

The monkey business starts right here on Morning Joe. 

Also joining the crew: Robert Reich - out with a new e-book, "Beyond Outrage," Jim Vandehei, Rick Stengel, and Brian Shactman